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Wholesale Servingware & Kitchen

Servingware makes a huge difference in how the food you serve looks. This is something that all chefs would definitely agree upon. It may not make a bland dish taste better, but it can make delicious food taste even more exquisite. Having the best kind of servingware also brings your dinner parties and other celebrations at home to a whole new level. If you would like to start entertaining your guests with flair, take the time to browse the extensive collection of servingware available at Lavida.

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Serving bowls are different from ordinary bowls in many ways. Regular bowls that you use for serving soup or other dishes for individual members of your household tend to have basic shapes like ovals, circles, and squares. They rarely come with handles as well.

But with serving bowls, your options are virtually limitless. You can serve creamy desserts on tear-shaped bowls, pumpkin soup on hammered bowls, and seafood delights on scallop bowls. It is also a guarantee that your food will taste even better because they are set up so prettily in their serving dishes.

If you are serving hot dishes, make sure to look for serving bowls with handles. If you often have accidents when carrying hot liquid dishes to the serving table, serving bowls with handles may prove to be your saving grace.

Trays and Platters

Although a lot of people do not mind purchasing serving bowls and other types of servingware, many balk at the need for purchasing serving trays. They feel it is an unnecessary luxury. But if you care about the presentation of your food and the comfort of your guests, then you should know that serving trays and platters are essential when you are holding any kind of celebration at home.

Serving trays are perfect if you are serving any kind of appetizer or amuse bouche. These tiny bite-sized gastronomic delights are edible works of art that deserve an attractive setting. Platters are great, on the other hand, for serving the main course of your meal. If you serve your best food in regular bowls and plates, their value decreases. Only the best designed serving trays and platters, such as leaf trays and fish platters, can be considered fitting for presenting your most delicious dishes to your guests.

Cake Stands and Plates

Let us not forget the servingware needed for the ultimate piece de resistance when you are serving multiple courses. Cakes are mouth-watering not just because of their sinfully sweet taste but also because of their exquisite designs.

Whether you are serving classic cakes like tiramisu and cheesecakes or you are serving something more exotic like panettone of Italy or a couple of petit fours, all these deserve to be placed on a pedestal specifically designed for them. These can be cake stands or glass cake plates ? just choose which one will bring out the beauty of your cakes.


Have you ever considered placing your pills in a jewelry box and your valuable trinkets in a pillbox? Mixing and matching is often a good thing, but there are also situations where they simply do not work.

The previous example proves that. Hopefully, it is effective in opening your eyes as to why you should also choose to store flour in containers or canisters that are specifically designed for them. Do the same for other supplies in the kitchen that require their own containers like tea bags or powders, rice, and pasta.

Salad Servingware

Salad is one of the most versatile types of dishes you can serve as well as being one of the prettiest and healthiest. These characteristics are surely enough reason for you to invest in the right servingware for offering salad to your guests.

Besides investing in salad bowls, consider buying also salad forks, spoons, and servers to make mixing greens and serving salad on plates easier.

Serving Utensils

Lastly, do not forget to take a look at the selection of serving utensils available to you. They may be small, but the amount of help they can offer is great.

Many other types of servingware can still be added to your kitchen and dining room. These are not limited to wine coolers, water jugs, sugar & cream containers as well as salt and pepper shakers.

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