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Plate Stands & Display Stands

Bench White Wash 78cm

Code: QI7316-2
Product Dimensions: 78x23x32cm
Product Material: Wood


Weight: 7.00kg
Length: 80.00cm
Width: 35.00cm
Height: 48.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 2

Please note this is a handmade product so exact sizes may vary. There may be imperfections in construction and finishing due to the recycled timber.

The incredibly long, hand-made, 78 centimetres white washed bench is a piece of country furniture that would be a welcomed relief to many customers who had been searching for wooden seats with the capacity for many people to sit on at the same time. Apart from being suitable as a seat, it can also be used as a display bench for wares for indoor and outdoor setting.

The Bench White Wash 78cm is as durable and sturdy as it is original. The design of this long bench features four resting legs which raise the flat, sitting/displaying surface of the bench. Due to its extra length, the ingenious makers deemed it fit to brace the legs so as to ensure the even distribution of whatever weight is placed on it. Furthermore, this strong design is then complemented by the smoothening of the wood which is then followed by the luscious white washing process. Everything about the bench is simply appealing to the senses. However, please note that there might be slight differences in construction, finishing and exact sizes of this product since it is wholly handmade and that from recycled timber! There are two pieces for every carton you order.

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