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Throws & Soft Furnishings

Throws and soft furnishings are a staple for home décor and are key to creating welcoming, cozy interiors. 

LaVida Trading offers a wholesale range of throws and quilts in all the latest trends and styles.

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Soft furnishings play such an important role in any homeware and gift store.

Our range of wholesale soft furnishings are perfect for sprucing up any space, introducing splashes of colour and adding a variety of textures.

We all know that updating the decor in a room in any home can be expensive, so make sure that we source great quality soft furnishings at incredibly workable price points.

Changing the look of a home or interior space is so easy and inexpensive with different colours and patterns of throws or quilts.

By adding a different throw to a room, updates to the look and feel of a space can be easily updated and most importantly, in a budget friendly way.

Our range of throws and quilts is unbeatable in terms of quality and cost and you will be constantly impressed at our revolving stock and ability to source on trend styles and fabrics.

Our soft furnishings range is constantly being updated so keep checking our New Products page for our latest styles and designs.


Here at LaVida we have such a wide range of retail customers and we like to keep all of them in mind when selecting our ranges, not just in throws, but across all over 2,500 product lines.

We strive to have a range of products to suit all the popular styles of home decor such as boho, shabby chic, beachside, modern, eclectic, country or the Hamptons, and in a range of colours that is sure to suit every home or interior space. 

Selecting the best fabrics we can source for our soft furnishings is most important, and finding stunning colours, prints, or stitching techniques is the final piece of the puzzle for a great product.

Current trends of muted tones and pastel colours are still going strong but we are also a fan of deep hues that can add drama to a room.


An accent throw is a simple way to add different textures to your interior spaces – whether that be cotton, velvet, linen, wool, cashmere, or faux fur. LaVida Trading strives to source high-quality fabrics and textures for your customers to add to their homes. 

They can help add feelings of luxury, comfort, warmth, and relaxation to a space.


Throws are one of the easiest items to style - simply drape them over the foot of a bed, the arm of a couch, or have them sitting on an ottoman. Just toss them on, and they'll look great. 

A lightweight blanket like these can easily introduce colours and textures to almost every room in the house, and can be easily switched out depending on colour schemes or seasonal trends.

They are the finishing touch on a room and are a great embellishment for your couch or bed.


Many styling items are purely for decoration and do not have functional use - this is not the case with soft furnishings.

Often draped on a couch or bed, or stored in a basket in the loungeroom, light blankets are go-to items for cold evenings, rainy days, and spontaneous naps. 

These are versatile items that are relatively inexpensive and also easy to store. For this reason, blankets are growing in popularity amongst restaurant and cafe owners, as a way to save customers from wind-chill, cold days, or just to add an extra touch of comfort and make their hospitality stand out.

They are suitable for all-weather in that they are lightweight for summer but work as an extra layer of warmth for winter. In cold areas, go for warmer or thicker fabrics - heavy cotton, wool, or cashmere.

All of our wholesale soft furnishings are carefully selected for their quality and price.

Enjoy looking at our latest stock below and keep checking back for our latest updates.

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