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Wholesale Basketware

Welcome to LaVida's range of online wholesale baskets and basketware.

LaVida offers quality basketware at affordable prices, a huge variety in both modern & traditional styles.

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LaVida's wholesale basketware is one of our most shopped and popular categories.  Updated with new stock on a continual basis, we offer a wide range of basketware including storage, homewares and decor and also gifts.

Ideally we would all love to be organised live in a home where everything had a place and that place was pretty, not plastic and boring but pretty storageware that looked part of your home and not a warehouse!  We all know how great it feels to put all those bits and pieces of what some might call clutter into a designated place - it makes life so much easier.  This is one of the many reasons why our baskets and storage woven tubs are so popular - we are a nation of organisers!!  

Woven baskets are great for so many reasons, they never go out of style, they suit almost every home and given their neutral colours are easy to slot into any decor.  

We love to store everything from small items of clothing such as scarfs, socks, gloves, jewellery, even beauty items such as nail varnishes, perfume and cosmetics are perfect to pop into these organisers. 

They are also perfect for crafting items or ideal for popping under the sink with cleaning cloths and products in them.

Often seen in beautiful French homes filled magazines or on countertops with beautiful breads or muffins.

There are so many uses both practical and stylish, have a think how you can display in them in your store for your customers.

Wholesale Storage Baskets

Always a best-selling product, everyone loves storage and basketware can offer a practical, affordable and stylish way to keep your house in order.

We love to have a variety of styles and colours and will often have a neutral basket or woven option along with whitewash and red.  We will also have blues, greys and greens too depending on current trends.

Woven boxes and baskets are a great product to offer to your customers, they can be bought in sets, often sets of 2 or 3 and then sold individually if you prefer.

Displaying basketware is so easy, they sit beautifully on shelves, under chairs or on tables and are such a timeless product to keep in stock.

LaVida also offers a great range of valentine hearts perfect for Valentines Day in reds and white - a great inexpensive way to create a striking display.  Often these are available on sticks or as hanging hearts with pretty ribbons.

In this range you will always find a selection of woven home decor, such as hanging stars an songbirds.

We always like to keep a some woven votive holders on offer as these make great table decor for weddings, events and parties.

Take a look through our current range of basketware below and see for yourself what get looking products we have on offer.  Don't forget to sign up so you can receive weekly emails with all our latest products.

If you are new to LaVida then you are in for a treat!  Click here to register for a wholesale account and start shopping!

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