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Wholesale Artwork

Canvas Floral Deer

Code: AW1268-2
Product Dimensions: 60x3x90H cm
Product Material: Canvas Print


Weight: 2.72kg
Length: 91.00cm
Width: 8.00cm
Height: 61.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

A spectacle of absolute beauty as if nature itself has decided to demand its ounce of attention - here is deer wearing a garland of lowers on its crown - a print on canvas filled with the joy of the Spring season, the kind that fill any space with a lovely feeling of joy, fulfillment and happiness as what else can one feel but the feeling of complete satisfaction with a frame as pretty as this.

It is as if Mother Nature herself has created this spectacle from the wild, the flowers resting with pride close to the deer's antlers, softly holding on to his crown as if making him feel for a moment like the ambassador or the mascot of nature itself - this piece of art is part of the huge array of affordable art that Lavida has brought for its discerning art lovers who know that creating a burst of colors is important to make walls feel interesting but at the same time they need to convey a message that connects with the mind also - and that is what makes for true art. This spectacular looking canvas is replete with floral beauty and so many colors but at the same time it is not a mere indication of the season but a message of peace - a need for saving nature and its many creatures who give us the beauty that we love do much . If we do not protect them we will lose out on this beauty very soon. The manner in which the deer looks directly out of the canvas adds so much to the loveliness of the message and one's eyes can only travel to those that seem to be passing on this message. A lovely canvas to add to your home - maybe in the children's room or to your guest room where some color would cheer things up.

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