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Canvas White Camelias

Code: AW1269-2
Product Dimensions: 80x3x80H cm
Product Material: Canvas Print


Weight: 2.88kg
Length: 81.00cm
Width: 7.00cm
Height: 81.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

The beauty of Camellias can truly not be expressed in words alone and it is thus completely justified to turn them into a subject of art - like the rose , camellias significantly have a personality that comes from their ability to convert their pristine white beauty and its gorgeous form into something of an inspiration for art.

If it isn't their rich deep glossy leaves , it is in their dense symmetry and petal formation wherein lies the inimitable beauty of the camellia. This flower has been in the language of artist, the rose less admired - its leaves and petals , more hardy and not as delicate, yet giving as much joy as any rose. The form of this flower has been beautifully replicated in this print on canvas wherein each petal of the three flowers shown here seem to come close to real, and one is almost tempted to touch and feel their smoothness. This plants grows in rich moist semi tropical areas and a camellia bush when mature gives innumerable blooms. Place this square 80 cm high and 80 cm wide canvas in any part of your home or office and feel its soft caressing presence make all around impact - soothing white , the petals created with such clear definition and each leaf outstandingly detailed. Art from Lavida has taken an upswing in quality and choice of thematic. With a nature theme so well created one can seldom go wrong in finding the right wall for it.

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