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Framed Cute Dogs

Code: AL2211-2
Product Dimensions: 49x2x29cm
Product Material: glass, resin, paper, MDF


Weight: 2.10kg
Length: 55.00cm
Width: 9.50cm
Height: 35.00cm
Inner Qty: 20
Carton Qty: 20

They could be from your neighbourhood -you have adored their presence as you have walked past them any a times-some come up to you tail wagging, recognizing you immediately-some you have liked for their stately gait and presence-dogs of all streaks are part of this adorable ensemble art for your walls. Modern, chic and refreshingly tuned to give your spaces the much-needed light and airy feel-like the sound of pitter patter of dog feet on the floor as they run to greet you-this beautiful piece of art will greet you with its warm, sunny and welcoming feel.

Any dog lover would warm up to having an art piece such as this in their home. Loaded with fun, the cheery looking dogs making up the main subject of the composition. From the endearing mug faced Irish terrier to the Dalmatian, the cocker spaniel or the golden-there are cute dogs that make this adorable art work so endearing. Each one holds your attention with their one of a kind face, imploring you to spend more time taking in the minute details the artist has developed the art work from. A superb means to give your wall spaces a highlight that is light and airy-fun and cheery and makes a room come alive with things that need not always be serious. If you love dogs, let that love show with artworks that reflect this. The white framed piece is about 29 cm in height and 49 cm in length making it most suitable for walls that are medium in size-perhaps in the kind?s room or the little study that could do with a little cheer in spite of all the serious work that happens there. These ready to hang modern feel art word from Lavida are helping homes redefine their look in a special sort of way.

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