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Framed Print Brown Steer

Code: AL2280-2
Product Dimensions: 25x25cm
Product Material: Glass, resin, paper, MDF


Weight: 0.84kg
Length: 29.50cm
Width: 6.00cm
Height: 27.50cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 12

So, bring the cowboy theme to your home by hanging this wonderful piece of Framed Print Brown Steer on your home office, living room or bedroom. With its fine ruddy hair that just adds beauty and class to the piece. It portrays the southwestern décor to add to your own home décor.

Searching for a cowboy or cowgirl presents to give a lover of ranching? You've finally found the perfect present for him or her. Purchase our Framed Print Brown Steer to give your home another accent. You will love to spend quality time in a room with a display of brown steer hanging on the wall. Our Framed Print Brown Steer measures 25×25cm in dimension, weighing just 0.84kg, having a length, width, and height of 29.50cm, 6.00cm and 27.50cm respectively. This print holds one's attention, beseeching you to spend more time taking in the artistic details of this art. Do it the honour by adorning your home with this piece of art in motion.

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