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Glass Magnets Curious Seagull S/6

Code: CA1282-1
Product Dimensions: 3.7x3.7cm Each
Product Material: Glass, Magnet, Cardboard


Weight: 0.80kg
Length: 12.50cm
Width: 12.50cm
Height: 8.00cm
Inner Qty: 4
Carton Qty: 48

As they say-God is in the detail and making details count in your spaces could make a huge difference through a small inclusion. Here is a set of six glass magnets that will help beautify those spaces that seldom come under the general décor usage-be it the fridge door, the frame of the window that is made of metal or the locker door-create this fancy marine feel using this set of six Curious seagull magnets made of very fine quality glass and sturdy chunk of magnet at the back.

Glass magnets such as this depend on the right kind of image that it can capture inside it- and in this case, the pale white and seaside colours featuring a seagull is what makes it so very unique. The soothing and serene colours, the delightful make of the piece with its colourful graphic and sturdy glass body makes it simple enough means to help infuse some colour into dull spaces. the magnet set at the back shows off its strength when placed on metal surfaces and will cling on hard to where it is placed. The beauty of the piece also lies in the fact that each bauble features a different kind of print thus each magnet is unique will make beautiful gift as well and it could be given in the set that it comes in , very neatly packed as it is in carboard case. The major colours in this set belong blue and white with the seagull holding centre stage makes it an apt choice for all marine themed space sin particular.

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