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Men's Gifts

Hanging Sign Support

Code: SG1342-6
Product Dimensions: 32x1x20H cm + Rope
Product Material: Wood, Metal, Rope


Weight: 2.12kg
Length: 37.00cm
Width: 16.00cm
Height: 21.50cm
Inner Qty: 6
Carton Qty: 12

Go on and say it with much heart - after all the sign board would anyway. Here is that cheeky gift that your friend would love to own. Add this to your wall and make many do a double check on what it says - after all charity begins at home and this could be the best means to apply that to your very own town.

Go all bold and cheeky with this woody sign board that leaves as much to imagination as it does to its cheeky directness. After all the rusty old hooks on the sides attached for effect do their job well only to bring home the message in all its clarity. The wooden plaque can be placed in the man's den with all the rest of your paraphernalia and will surely add the much - needed look of informality that makes spaces seem more relaxed. Made from wood and metal as well as hung from a rope - the two pointers are in different direction and the two are held together by two rather rusty hooks that make the appearance all the more tongue in cheek and pun filled. The board could be placed on any wall considering its size is fit enough for small to medium niche spaces as well. Go on and present this to your best buddy whose sense of humour should surely make him savour the typical humour befitting the article.

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