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Hooks Triple Starfish

Code: U2219-2
Product Dimensions: 42x6x18cm


Weight: 2.70kg
Length: 44.00cm
Width: 9.50cm
Height: 28.50cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 8

Add a touch of marine magic to the walls with this stunning star fish embellished bracket that has three prongs sturdily embellished with star fishes on the bracket that declares the marine leaning it has. Made with an intention of helping you keep your hangables well placed o and neatly out of the way and yet also when not in use infusing your space with a marine kind of charm. Designed to take the load of the heaviest of your coats, the three prongs have adequate distance to allow adequate elbow space for all kinds of articles hung there.

When you need to make your spaces look better organized you need to find just the right kinds of hooks on brackets for your walls. After all there are scarves, satchels and coats and jackets that tend to clutter ad make quite an unsightly impression that makes it necessary to place them up on hooks here is one that with its wood and metal look and starfish in the backdrop add as much drama as any piece of décor. The triple pronged bracket has rounded tips with a depth of each hook at 6 cm. The round ceramic tips add to its neat finish, the bracket itself is 42 cm in length and the height is at 18 cm making it a large and sturdy addition to the wall-especially of you wish to make it part of your entryway. The prongs are neatly curved and delightfully embellished.

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