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Men's Gifts

Pen Matte Maroon

Code: LD3310-1
Product Dimensions: 14cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 0.10kg
Length: 17.50cm
Width: 6.50cm
Height: 2.50cm
Inner Qty: 1

Give definition to your thoughts and ideas by writing them down and helping you achieve that in the easiest possible way is this pen made of metal whose marron coloured body makes writing such a pleasure. Smooth opening action, a bright and vibrant colour that makes its presence look so great and the kind of highlight in your everyday writing task that will help you find writing so easy on your hands.

The perfect writing accessory has to be something that allows an easy grip that does not tire the hands and gives a smooth writing experience - and on both these counts this metal bodied pen in maroon colour is a true winner. The smooth opening action of the pen, the wonderful grip it allows and the colour that creates a positive vibe - all adds to the fact that it makes a lovely accessory for you. Be it on your desk, or for signing on an important cheque at the bank, your child's leave application or your regular note taking - for short writing assignments or longer one's this pen shall always remain your favourite. The maroon colour will remain bright and the functional aspect in terms of flow of ink, the opening and closing mechanism, will continue to give flawless performance. The clip will help make it a part of your pocket, be it the shirt or the trouser. The lightweight pen has sturdy metal body whose colour will remain bright despite much usage. Comes packaged rather elegantly for helping it become a perfect contender as a gift.

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