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Wall Art Three Birds

Code: SG1753-2
Product Dimensions: 35x5x70cm
Product Material: Canvas


Weight: 1.60kg
Length: 70.00cm
Width: 12.00cm
Height: 36.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 4

Birds are just really so adorable, and these come in threes! There is exclusiveness about this creature that makes one want to spend time with them. This unique custom made piece produced with premium inks on a plain canvas is the finesse that would suit one's curiosity and also bring nature closer to oneself than ever before.

Birds can warm the saddest of hearts with their beautiful plumage and merry attitude. Why not bring this warmth indoors? They are perfect décor to brighten up the mood of the home. One could almost feel him/herself melting at their imaginary melodious tunes and chirping all day long. The audaciousness of birds cannot be overplayed, they emit daring and bold aura. They inspire us to aim high and realize our goals. Dream high and enjoy every moment. This aesthetic piece is an opportunity to give one's living space or office area a pop of colours, striking feathery homage to spring and breathing life into one's walls.

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