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Wood Print White Gold Design Cut

Code: AW1278-2
Product Dimensions: 80x3x80H cm
Product Material: Wood


Weight: 4.36kg
Length: 81.00cm
Width: 8.00cm
Height: 82.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

A circular pattern so intricate that you will be awed at its details. It's like looking up at a ceiling in an oriental temple, the roughness and the definition of material peeping through the print that seems to have recreated the feeling of texture so effortlessly. Here is a stellar example of how great a technology has been used by Lavida to create art as great as this though state of art printing technology.

Adding patterns and designs in larger frames, in your home always endows it with a sense of classic beauty. After all the design has been on some of the most famous of buildings or other surfaces because of an artist's imagination. To replicate the same on a surface like wood adds a dimension and a texture that is unique. The wooden backdrop gives a certain color density to the hues while its roughness, grains and whorls add their own stamp of identity that is so very pleasing. Here is a perfect example of how the stark whiteness in the design makes the depths and the dimension of the carving look as if it truly has been created on rock. It feels like one is looking at a lotus opening its petals for you to peep into its world that is filled with unimaginable beauty. Add this kind of art to any room , be it personal or commercial as it encompasses an idea that would fit in anywhere. The art work is square and has 80 cm dimensions.

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