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Wholesale Furniture

One of our biggest product ranges is Furniture, so if you are looking for furniture at wholesale prices you are in the right place.

We have a vast selection of furniture including bedroom furniture and living room furniture and everything in between all at amazing wholesale prices.

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Living Room Furniture

We love to seek out those beautiful fabrics and designs from all around the world to bring together a great collection of furniture.  

We will often keep in stock a variety of patterns and styles, some slightly more eclectic and always some classic.

Neutral palettes are always great for those with simple tastes and decors, but we know how much your customers have loved the more grand and bespoke looking pieces.

We love seeing how these items can completely change the look of a retail space and can be dressed in so many ways, creating a real life setting is always the best way to help customers envision how a chair or table will fit into their home.

These are big purchases and people want to make the right decision so showing it off in the right setting is essential.

Creating a corner of your store and dressing it with an armchair, side table, lamp, vases of fresh flowers and some beautiful accents is a great way to display key pieces of furniture.

Maybe adding a throw over the arm of the chair, a cool book and even a teacup and saucer on the side table takes their imagination one step closer to it being in their home.

The key pieces that we keep in stock are armchairs, side tables and tables, cupboards, ottomans, coat stands and stools, but the styles and designs are constantly changing and evolving, ensuring you have the most up to date and sellable pieces to choose from.

Bedroom Furniture

Sourcing well made bedroom furniture at great prices can be a challenge but over years of searching and building up great relationships with our suppliers we have confidence in our quality and know that the prices we offer are very affordable.

We will often have in stock a few pieces from one design, a bedside table in various formats, from a single drawer to 4 drawers, variations with lower shelves and leg design.

This is in an attempt to give your customer exactly what they want, as we know sometimes that available space can be the deciding factor, so these options can help sway a purchase.


In-store shelving sets a tone for your customers when they walk into your store, how you display your homewares and gifts is an important statement.

Having a choice of various finishes, sizes and styles is important so that you can find the perfect shelving unit.

We try to keep in stock a few of each variety, tall and wide, short and slim and also some corner units which are great when space is of an issue.

Nests of Tables

How great that these are back en trend? We love how stylish these are at the moment but scream practicality.  Stack them up or spread them around the room or even in multi rooms, perfect for entertaining and so many other occasions.  We have combinations of metal and wood in many finishes, aged and contemporary so you will be able to find some to place around your store.

Miscellaneous Furniture

We love surprising you with our ever evolving ranges, it keeps it interesting for us, you and your customers.

Stocking items such as vintage looking French ladders, art deco mirrored trolly�s, chaise lounges, garden arches, cabinets, mantles, stools and ottomans � we really do keep it interesting with something for every customer with every taste.

You can read more about LaVida on our FAQ�s page.

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So check out our current range below, see what you can find for your customers or maybe yourself!

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