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Tassels & Table Runners

Decorating your home can be such an enjoyable treat, especially if you are the type who wants to have everything detailed. For a critical home decorator like you, you have to make sure that everything is perfect and well thought of. One task that you need to complete is to add additional accents that will highlight the intricate designs and patterns your curtains, drapes and blinds may have. Lavida can provide you everything that you may need when it comes to home decorating.

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Tassels would be one of the best accessories that you can ever use to decorate your curtains or drapes. Even blinds can be accentuated with the use of beautiful tassels. All you have to do is to find the best design to liven up any room.

You have several options when it comes to choosing tassels for your home. In fact, tassels can be made from different materials which will surely bring color to any dull room. To choose the right set of tassels for your curtains, take at look at the most prominent color on your curtains. Sometimes, it’s better to use tassels that have the same color or shade as your main curtains. This way, the colors will blend in naturally.

Aside from the colors, you can also look for tassels that have embellishments. Colorful tassels are perfect for those plain drapes or curtains. Dark colors such as black, brown and blue can be brought back to life with the right tassels to hold them together.

If you have heavy curtains, wide tassels are the best. These will not break easily and will not be over shadowed by the size and weight of your curtains. If the tassels are too small, they will not even be noticeable. There are also tassels which are made from good quality fabric ropes braided together to create a sturdy chain. These tassels are great for sheer curtains and those with very light fabric.

Now, if you are the kind who is into gems and precious stones, tassels can also be decorated with semi-precious stones or glass gems which add a touch of royalty to any room. These have cute fringes and intricate bead work that will catch anyone’s attention. A dark room will look really alive if you will use these awesome tassels to hold your curtains together.

This is also a versatile accessory because it can also be used to decorate pillows and cushions. Some pillows even have tassels on all four corners while bolsters on the other hand will have tassels on both ends. Anyone who will spend the night at your house will feel like part of the royal family because of these amazingly decorated pillows.

Tassels can also be used to decorate bed sheets, table runners, table cloths and door handles. It’s almost always a guarantee that once you start using these, visitors will immediately notice the new and improved ambiance your home gives off.

There are several ways to buy these tassels. You can contact your home decor supply store and look for the ones that you really want. You can also make your own set. There are several home improvement and self help books which you can read to create great looking tassels.

But of course, it’s not all the time that you have the available free time to do some home projects right? So the next best thing is to go online, a virtual place where you can find and buy almost everything and anything under the sun. Click your way to a beautiful home.

Home decorating will always be easy as long as you know where and how to look for the accents that you really need. Be sure to find reliable sources to be able to get your money’s worth. So, the next time you decide to take on the challenge of adding a little more energy to your home, start with the small things first. Start by adding tassels to your curtains to get the positive and sunny vibe going.

Table Runners

Table Runners are a great way to add a pop of colour to a dining room. In this section you will find all our latest collections in all the latest styles and trends. You will also find some matching items in our Cushions section.

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